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Jimmy Buffett Tribute Concert

Event Details

Start Date

July 13, 2024



National Automobile Museum

Immerse yourself in an evening filled with melody and charm at the National Automobile Museum’s newly unveiled pavilion. As you find comfort in the serene backdrop provided by the nearby Truckee River, prepare to be whisked away on a tuneful adventure. The event, featuring Garratt Wilkin and the Parrotheads, is an ode to the unforgettable anthems popularized by the legendary Jimmy. Indulge in the luxurious fusion of classic hits while you sit back in a space specially curated for your relaxation.

This exquisite experience transcends the boundaries of a mere concert. It’s a celebration that embraces the entire family, with live performances setting the stage for an atmospheric night. A variety of food trucks are poised to satisfy your culinary cravings, each presenting a delicious array of options. Ensuring inclusive fun, activities designed to engage and delight attendees across different ages will be readily available.


Gates open at 5 pm

Entertainment starts at 6 pm

Event ends at 8:30 pm

Please bring a low-back lawn chair for your seating comfort.

Remember, your only responsibility is to bring along your favorite lawn chair. From there, allow us to ensure your comfort, as every detail has been thoughtfully arranged to enhance your enjoyment of the show. Be captivated by the harmonious blend of music, taste, and the peaceful environment of the riverside. This is an invitation to a tranquil escape where tunes and relaxation meet under the starlit sky. Don’t let this unique escapade pass you by!

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