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Driving Force Offers a Premier Membership Experience for the Automotive Enthusiast and Collector.

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The National Automobile Museum is a 501c3 Charitable Organization. 80% of your Driving Force Membership is Tax Deductible

National Automobile Museum

The National Automobile Museum cordially invites you to join the Driving Force club, our exclusive membership experience for the automobile enthusiast and collector.


  • All the benefits of a family membership
    including free admission for a family
    of five
  • Invitation to exclusive quarterly
    Driving Force events
  • Invitation to participate in car club
    rallies and VIP travel experiences
  • Two tickets to VIP Exhibition
    Preview Receptions
  • 12 guest passes to the Museum
  • Personal service provided by
    designated Museum staff member
  • Annual Driving Force membership gift
  • Precious Metal (Museum’s award-winning
    magazine) annual subscription
  • 20% off private event bookings at
    the Museum
  • 20% discount in Museum Store
Dear prospective member,

I want to personally invite you to become a Driving Force member.

Driving Force is our highest and most exclusive level of membership with exclusive benefits for the dedicated automotive enthusiast. It includes unique opportunities like day tours, special events at the Museum, and visits to private collections — some rarely seen by the public.

In addition to the benefits you’ll receive, this sustaining membership program provides valuable operating resources for the Museum. I hope you will join me as a Driving Force member and supporter of the National Automobile Museum.
Sincerely yours,
Ranson Webster
Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Join the National Automobile Museum's Exclusive Driving Force Club

Current Driving Force Members:


  • Ned Bacon
  • Richard Bartlett
  • John Boyd
  • Eric Breslow
  • Bill Bromley
  • George Canavan
  • Denise Cashman
  • Michael Christian
  • Janet Chubb
  • Birian Colodny
  • William Connor II
  • Michele Davis
  • Deborah Day
  • Howard Day
  • Anne DeMartini
  • Jim DeMartini
  • Tom Dolan
  • Paul Felton
  • Porter Felton
  • Paris Fruscione
  • Paul Georgeson
  • Oliver Grosz
  • LorenHolt
  • Ryan Kerrigan
  • Bob Kahn
  • Tom Klauer
  • Enjar Knudsen
  • George Kull
  • Larry Lange
  • Katrina Loftin
  • Jim Mace
  • Art Majors
  • Bob McLaughlin
  • Steve Moore
  • Joe Ness
  • Terry Nielsen
  • Linda Offerdahl
  • Sandy Raffealli
  • David Ramsey
  • William Ramsey
  • Richard Reviglio
  • James Rogers
  • Dr. Pamela Russell
  • Diana Sande
  • Philip Satre
  • Larry Seidell
  • John Sell
  • Charlie Shalvoy
  • DeArmond Sharp
  • Bert Skidmore
  • Rod Smith
  • Charles Steiner
  • Ted Stoever
  • B.J. Sullivan
  • Darin Szabo
  • Bill Watson
  • Adam Webster
  • Ranson Webster
  • Allen Wilt
  • Newt Withers
  • Al Abrahamson
  • Simi Balter
  • Charles Barnett
  • Bill Bromley
  • Jim Dugdale
  • Jakob Greisen
  • Mike Herman
  • Christopher Hock
  • George Kull
  • Anne Brockinton Lee
  • Eric Marton
  • Tom Provasi
  • Holly Racich
  • Tim Racich
  • James Sande
  • Dr. Ron Smith
  • Kimberly Thesman
  • Michael Thesman
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