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Comedy Night at the Museum

Event Details

Start Date

August 9, 2024


7:00 pm


National Automobile Museum

Comedy Night at the Museum

Starring Adam Carolla with special guest Patrick Warburton

Experience an entertaining evening filled with humor at the National Automobile Museum where a special event is set to take place. In the limelight of this joyful occasion, two remarkable comedians, Adam Carolla and Patrick Warburton, are scheduled to take the stage to deliver an array of comedic performances. The event promises an engaging atmosphere, where attendees will be treated to an endless stream of jokes and laughter, brought to life by the comedic prowess of these talented individuals.

As guests arrive, they’ll have the marvelous opportunity to peruse a collection of over 240 exquisite automobiles, each with its own story and legacy. The vehicles serve as a testament to the evolution of automotive engineering and design, and they contribute to an extraordinary ambiance that complements the night’s theme of leisure and entertainment. The museum stages the perfect prelude to the comedians’ acts, offering visitors a chance to indulge their fascination with vintage and modern cars before immersing themselves in the wit and humor of the performances.

With the perfect blend of comedy and culture, attendees at the National Automobile Museum can expect not just a show, but a memorable experience, as they laugh the night away in the presence of a full house eager to enjoy the captivating combination of comedy and classic automobiles.


Doors open at 5:30 pm

VIP Meet & Greet starts at 6 pm

Show starts at 7 pm

Show ends at 8:30 pm

Ticket Price:
$35 (we will change it to $45 the day of the show)
$75 VIP meet and greet

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