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Batmobile Exhibit

About the Exhibit

1989 “Michael Keaton” Batmobile now on display!

In the summer of 1989, Batman came to the big screen for the first time since 1966. Thanks to the work of comic artists like Frank Miller, the public was ready for a new, darker take on the caped crusader. Warner Brothers had Tim Burton bring his unique style to the movie, with Anton Furst as production designer and Julian Caldow as concept illustrator for the Batmobile. The team created a car unlike any previous incarnation, a combination of brute force and classic design aesthetics.

In his design, Caldow managed to capture the essence of a Batmobile while providing all-new design elements. The bat-mask was gone entirely from his design. In its place, the nose featured a large jet turbine intake flanked by sweeping, mandible-like front fenders. Cold air intakes for the afterburner were mounted ahead of the rear fenders. The rear of the car had a rounded, heavy look influenced by cars of the 1930s, set between a pair of relatively short sculpted fins.

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batmobile car
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batmobile car

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