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2020 Second Thursday Talk – Winton and Packard, a Transcontinental Feud: Part 1

A Rivalry is Born, 1898-1901

By Packard enthusiast Jim Chase

Cost: Free to Museum members. Included with paid admission. Otherwise, $5 per person to attend the talk.

Talk: By 1899, Winton was the largest automobile manufacturer in the US, and opened the first automobile dealership in the country, located in Reading, Pennsylvania. One of Winton’s customers was James Ward Packard, who, the story goes, didn’t like his Winton car, complained to the company, and was told to do it better – Packard went on to form the Packard Automobile Company. 

Speaker: Jim Chase is an aeronautical/mechanical engineer who moved to Reno in 1978 to work on the Learfan, Bill Lear’s last airplane project. Later he was the Chief Engineer of the Aerion supersonic business aircraft.

He has strong interests in WWII aviation, designing modifications for the “RareBear” F8F Bearcat that contributed to four consecutive Reno Unlimited Gold wins and the world speed record for piston powered aircraft.

He restored a 1936 Packard and is currently restoring a 1935 Pierce-Arrow. His collection includes 1960’s Chryslers, Alfa Romeo, and Jaguar. He has contributed technical articles to the Classic Car Club, Packard Automobile Classics, and the Pierce-Arrow Society. His Packard Cormorant article about the 1903 transcontinental trips received the 2009 Carl Benz award from the Society of Automotive Historians.