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Nov. 2020 Second Thursday Talk – Gordon Buehrig

November 2020 Second Thursday Talk Video – Online Only

Due to COVID-19 guidelines this Second Thursday Talk video is free and  online only. The video will be available to watch on November 12, 2020 starting at 1:30 p.m. on YouTube.

Talk: Sculpture in Design – Gordon M. Buehrig
Presented by: Museum Docent Norm Miller

Gordon Miller Buehrig (B-yur-rig) was an American automobile designer who created some of the finest car designs the industry has ever produced, including the regal Duesenberg Model J and the legendary Cord 810.

About our Speaker: Norman L. Miller has been a docent at the National Automobile Museum for 15 years. He is a member of the Society of Automotive Historians and the Automobile License Plate Collectors Association and has judged for the Museum at Hot August Nights for many years. Norm has owned three collector cars, a Ford, a Chevrolet and a Plymouth. A retired peace officer, he holds a B.A. degree in Corrections, San Jose State University.