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1906 Adams-Farwell 
6A (Rotary Engine),
Convertible Runabout
Only one known to exist

1937 Airomobile
Experimental, Sedan
Only one built

1952 Allstate
A-230, Sedan

1917 American LaFrance
Type 12, Combination Chemical
and Hose Car (Fire Truck)

1933 Auburn 12-161A
1933 Auburn 12-161A

1933 Auburn
12-161A, Custom Speedster

1933 Austin (American)
Series 2-75, Roadster

1928 Auto Red Bug
Electric, Roadster


1933 B.S.A.
Nine, Three-Wheeler

1912 Baker Electric
V, Special Extension Coupe
Formerly owned by Andy Griffith

1973 Battery Box
Experimental Electric Streamliner
World speed record setter

1909 Black
112, Motor Buggy

1920 Briggs & Stratton
D, Flyer Buckboard

1915 Briscoe
B-15, Clover Leaf Roadster

1924 Brooks Steamer
“Model 2”, Five Passenger Sedan

1908 Brush
Model B, Runabout

1931 Bugatti
Type 40A, Cabriolet/Graber

1914 Buick
B-25, Touring

1954 Buick
100 Skylark, Sports Car


1903 Cadillac
A, Runabout
First year of production

1907 Cadillac
M, Side Entrance Tonneau

1913 Cadillac
1913, Roadster

1933 Cadillac

1933 Cadillac Series 452C,
All Weather Phaeton/Fleetwood
Custom built for Al Jolson

1938 Cadillac
38-60S, Five-Passenger
Touring Sedan

1958 Cadillac
Eldorado Brougham/Fleetwood

1973 Cadillac Eldorado,
Custom Coupe/Fisher
Formerly owned by Elvis Presley

1903 Cameron

1902 Capital (Steam)
Prototype, Chariot
Only one known to exist

1965 Centaur
Portable Scooter

1917 Chevrolet
“D-5”, Touring
Early V-8 engine

1923 Chevrolet
M (Copper Cooled), Utility Coupe/Fisher
One of two known to exist

1926 Chevrolet
Superior Series V,
DeLuxe Depot/Martin-Parry Corp.

1928 Chevrolet
National Series-AB Pickup

1933 Chevrolet
Master Series CA Phaeton

1953 Chevrolet
Corvette 2934 Convertible
Originally owned by John Wayne

1960 Chevrolet
Corvair Deluxe, Club Coupe
First year of production

1969 Chevrolet
Corvair 500 Sport Coupe
Built last day of production

1924 Chrysler
B, Phaeton

1934 Chrysler
Airflow, Five-Passenger Coupe

1941 “Lana Turner” Chrysler Newport Dual Cowl Phaeton
1941 “Lana Turner” Chrysler Newport Dual Cowl Phaeton

1941 Chrysler
Newport, Dual Cowl
Phaeton/Le Baron
Originally owned by Lana Turner
and her husband Bob Topping

1956 Chrysler
300B, Sports Coupe
Former personal car
of Bill Harrah

1917 Cole
863, Tourcoupe/Springfield

1956 Continental (Lincoln)
Mark II, Hardtop Coupe
Former personal car
of Bill Harrah

1936 Cord
810, Westchester Sedan

1936 Cord
Experimental – Supercharged
Limousine/Le Baron
Formerly owned by E.L. Cord

1937 Cord
812 Supercharged,
Beverly Sedan
Speed record setter

1941 Crosley
CB41, Convertible Coupe

1919 Cunningham
V-3, Six-Passenger Touring


1901 De Dion-Bouton
Model A No. 2, New York
Type Motorette

1948 Delahaye
Type 135 M, Convertible/Franay

1981 DeLorean
LK, Sport Coupe (Gold Plated)
One of two built

1936 DeSoto
Custom Airstream, Taxicab

1947 DeSoto
S-11C, Suburban

1914 Detroit Electric
46, Gentlemen’s Roadster

1954 Dodge
Coronet, 4-Door Sedan

1915 Dodge Brothers
“110” W.B., Touring

1922 Dodge Brothers
“116” W.B., Custom Victoria
Built for General MacArthur’s
first wife

1925 Duesenberg
A, Roadster 2 Passenger/
Millspaugh & Irish

1935 Duesenberg
SSJ, Roadster – 1971 Replica
Originally owned by
Sammy Davis, Jr.

1903 Duryea
Three-Wheeled Phaeton

1934 Dymaxion
2, 4D Transport
Only one known to exist


1958 Edsel
Citation, 4-Door Hardtop

1929 Essex
Challenger, Speedabout/
Biddle & Smart


1935 Faulkner
Midget, Race Car

1955 Ferrari
625A, Grand Prix

1914 Fiat (American)
56, Seven Passenger Touring

1961 Fiat
600 D Model “Y” Experimental,

1977 FKE 1
Formula K Experimental
Enduro Road Racer

1960 Flying Caduceus
Experimental Streamliner
First turbo-jet car to run
on Bonneville Salt Flats

1903 Ford
A, Rear Entrance Tonneau

1909 Ford
T, Touring

1911 Ford
T, Runabout

1915 Ford
T, Town Car

1921 Ford
T, Kampkar/Lamsteed

1926 Ford
TT, Triple Combination Pumper

1928 Ford
A, Sport Coupe
Formerly owned by
Mary Pickford

1929 Ford
A, Cabriolet (Custom)/Briggs

1929 Ford
A, Mail Truck

1929 Ford
A, Closed Cab Pickup

1931 Ford
A 400, Convertible Sedan

1931 Ford
A, De Luxe ForDor Sedan

1932 Ford
B, De Luxe Roadster

1939 Ford
Custom, Convertible

1955 Ford
40A Thunderbird,
Convertible Coupe

1957 Ford
Fairlane 500, Skyliner
Retractable Hardtop

1965 Ford
Mustang, Fastback 2+2

1903 Franklin
Light Roadster

1908 Franklin
G, Brougham

1910 Franklin
D, Touring

1911 Franklin
Averell SpecialSpeed Car
World record setter
for fuel economy

1917 Franklin
Series 9-A, Sedan

1925 Franklin
Series 11-A, Sport Runabout

1930 Franklin
Series 145, Pursuit
(Dual Cowl)/Walker

1933 Franklin
Series 17-B, Club Brougham

1908 Frayer-Miller
B, Touring
Only passenger car
known to exist

1951 Frazer
Manhattan, Convertible Sedan

1918 Frontmobile
(Front Wheel Drive),
Touring Sedan
Only one known to exist


1974 Garlits’
Wynn’s Charger

AA Fuel, Rear Engine Dragster
AHRA and NHRA champion

1961 Ghia
L.6.4, Hardtop
Formerly owned by
Frank Sinatra


1946 Harley-Davidson
46FL Special Sport Solo, Motorcycle

1937 Hispano-Suiza
Type J 12, Berline/
Le Tourneur et Marchand

1921 Holmes
Series 4, Sedan/Lind

1929 Hudson
Greater Hudson, Sport Phaeton
(Dual Cowl)/Biddle & Smart

1936 Hudson
64 De Luxe Eight, Sedan

1953 Hudson
Super Jet, Sedan

1912 Hupmobile
20, Runabout


1914 Imp
Z, Cycle Car

1941 Indian
4, Motorcycle and Sidecar

1910 International
F, Roadster

1912 International
“M-W”, Panel Express


1949 Jaguar
XK120, Sport Roadster

1977 Jerrari
Custom 4WD, Wagoneer
Former personal car
of Bill Harrah

1926 Jordan
J, Playboy

1925 Julian
(Radial Engine),
Sport Coupe/Fleetwood
Only one built


1947 Kaiser
K-100 Pinconning Special,
Sedan 2-Door/Darrin

1954 Kaiser-Darrin
161, Sports Car

1959 Kenworth
TCF 521 1/2 Cab
CBE (Cab Beside Engine)

1904 Knox
Tudor, Touring

1913 K-R-I-T
“KT”, Five Passenger Touring

1955 Kurtis
500D Ansted Rotary Special,
Indianapolis Roadster


1931 LaSalle
Series 345-A, 2-Door Coupe

1897 Leon Bollee

1927 Lincoln
L-152, 4-Door, 5-Passenger Sedan

1927 Lincoln
L-134B, Coaching Brougham/Judkins
Built for New York
Automobile Show

1932 Lincoln
KA-Murray, 4-Door Sedan

1954 Lincoln
Capri, Custom Coupe
Pan American
Road Race winner

1941 Lincoln Continental
16H Series, Coupe

1948 Lincoln Continental
876H56, Cabriolet
Formerly owned by Elliot Gould

1962 Lincoln Continental
86, Convertible
White House car assigned to
President John F. Kennedy

1941 Lincoln-Zephyr
Zephyr V-12,
Three-Passenger Coupe

1912 Lippard-Stewart
E, Express

1899 Locomobile (Steam)
Style 1, Stanhope

1965 Lotus-Ford
38, Indianapolis Race Car
Driven by Dan Gurney
and Dick Smothers


1923 Marmon
34, Four-Passenger Coupe

1930 Marquette
34, Sport Roadster

1911 Maxwell
AB, Runabout
First collector car
acquired by Bill Harrah

1923 Maxwell
The Good Maxwell, Touring
Used by Jack Benny in
casino stage shows

1925 McFarlan
Twin Valve Six-154, Town Car

1972 McLaren
M20 Can-Am, Race Car

1975 McLaren Drake Offy
Norton, Indianapolis Race Car

1936 Mercedes-Benz
Type 500K, Special

1939 Mercedes-Benz
Type 230, Cabriolet “B”

1956 Mercedes Benz
1956 Mercedes Benz

1956 Mercedes-Benz
Type 300 SL, Sports
Coupe (Gullwing)

1913 Mercer
Series J, Type 35, Raceabout

1939 Mercury
99A, Town Sedan

1949 James Dean Mercury Series 9CM 2934 Convertible
1949 James Dean Mercury Series 9CM 2934 Convertible

1949 Mercury
Series 9CM,
Six-Passenger Coupe
Driven by James Dean in
Rebel Without a Cause

1962 Mercury
Comet S-22, 2 Door Sedan

1913 Metz
22, Roadster

1949 M.G.
Series “TC” Midget, Two Seater

1917 Monroe
M-3, Roadster

1934 Morgan
Super Sports (J.A.P. Motor),


1902 Oldsmobile
R, Runabout

1910 Oldsmobile
Limited, Touring Seven Passenger

1927 Overland
96 Whippet, Coach


1900 Packard
B (Standard), Runabout
Only one known to exist

1920 Packard
Twin Six “3-35”, Limousine

1932 Packard
Ninth Series 902 Eight
Coupe Roadster

1938 Packard
1607, Convertible Coupe

1942 Packard
Super-8 Custom One-Eighty,
Convertible Victoria/Darrin

1950 Packard
2300 Series, 4-Door Sedan

1892 Panhard & Levassor Voiturette
1892 Panhard & Levassor Voiturette

1892 Panhard & Levassor

1913 Peugeot
Bébé, 2-Seater Torpedo

Phantom Corsair
Phantom Corsair

1938 Phantom Corsair
Experimental, Six-Passenger
Coupe/Bohman &
Only one built

1892 Philion (Steam) Road Carriage
1892 Philion (Steam) Road Carriage

1892 Philion (Steam)
Road Carriage
Only one built

1913 Pierce-Arrow
66-A-1, Touring Seven Passenger

1929 Plymouth
Q, Roadster

1939 Plymouth
P8 De Luxe, Convertible Coupe

1966 Plymouth
RP-23 Belvedere Satellite,
2-Door Hardtop
Former personal car
of Bill Harrah

1970 Plymouth
Road Runner Superbird,
Two-Door Hardtop

1926 Pontiac
6-27, Coach

1911 Pope-Hartford
W, 7-Passenger Touring

1950 Porsche
Type 356, Coupe

1975 Prudhomme’s
Funny Car
AA Fuel, Chevrolet Monza/
J & E Fiberglass
NHRA world champion

1977 Porsche
935 Spirit of Nevada, Coupe


1912 Rambler
73-4CC, Cross Country

1904 Renault
Paris-Vienna, Racing Voiturette

1937 Reo
675L, 3/4 Ton Pickup

1910 Rolls-Royce
Silver Ghost, Tourer/
Alfred & Adler

1923 Rolls-Royce (Springfield)
Silver Ghost, Pall Mall
Phaeton/Rolls-Royce Custom

1927 Rolls-Royce
Phantom, Cabriolet Deville

1961 Roth Beatnik Bandit Custom Hot Rod
1961 Roth Beatnik Bandit Custom Hot Rod

1961 Roth
Beatnik Bandit Custom, Hot Rod

1994 Roth
Beatnik Bandit™ II Custom,
Hot Rod

1992 Roth
“Conastoga Star”, Wagon

1992 Roth
“Fink Mobile”, Motorcycle

1969 Roth
“High Flyer”, Trike

1993 Roth
“Yankee Blitz”, Wheelbarrow


1959 Scimitar
EX, All Purpose Sedan/
Ruetter-Brooks Stevens

1912 Selden
47-R, Roadster (Fire Chief’s Car)

1921 Sheridan
B41, Touring

1913 Stanley (Steam)
810, Mountain Wagon

1926 Stanley (Steam)
262, 5-Passenger Sedan/Babcock

1977 Steamin’ Demon (Steam)
Steam Powered
World Record Car

1910 Stearns
30-60, Limousine

1924 Studebaker
EK Big-Six Sedan/Fisher

1933 Studebaker
Series 56 5-Passenger Sedan

1953 Studebaker
Champion Model 14G Starliner
“Hard-Top” Convertible

1913 Stutz
Series B Bearcat

1966 Studebaker
Wagonaire Station Wagon
Next to last one built


1925 Talbot
Type Z10 Two-Seater

1907 Thomas Flyer 35 New York to Paris Racer
1907 Thomas Flyer 35 New York to Paris Racer

1907 Thomas Flyer 35,
New York-to-Paris Racer
Winner of 1908 New
York to Paris Race

2003 Toyota
RAV4 EV, Compact 4-Door
Sport Utility Vehicle

1948 Tucker
48, 4-Door Sedan
Car number 32 of 51 built


1947 Volkswagen
Type II, Limousine

1964 Volkswagen
1200 Deluxe, Convertible


1909 White (Steam)
0, Touring

1910 White
“G-A”, Touring

1922 Wills St. Claire
A-68, Roadster/Budd

1924 Wills St. Claire
B-68, Gray Goose Special/Fisher

1953 Willys
685 Aero Ace, 2 Door Coupe

1899 Winton

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