Funding Priorities

Thank you for your interest in the National Automobile Museum (The Harrah Collection).

Our mission is to collect and preserve the automobile for future generations, to tell the story of the impact of the automobile on American society, to interpret history through the timeline of the automobile and present STEM education opportunities using the automobile as a primary source.

The mission is fulfilled through a variety of methods incorporating arts, cultural and educational programming, events and exhibits, and the interpretation of collection. The Museum is a nonprofit 501(c)3, tax-exempt corporation formed solely for education purposes.

This is what you can make happen with a grant of $1,000 to $10,000:

Our current funding priorities are:


History Symposiums: A grant of $2,500 is needed to help fund the Museum’s award-winning, annual history symposiums, which are the Museum’s most significant education programs. They feature renowned national and local scholars, experts, authors and Chautauqua performers who present history and the humanities through the timeline of the automobile. The Museum has offered symposiums since 1996 and all have been funded in part by grants from Nevada Humanities, a state program of the National Endowment for the Humanities. While open to the public, many teachers attend as the Nevada Department of Education approves the symposiums for teachers to earn in-service credit. Symposiums have won many Awards of Excellence in Education Programs in the annual competition of the National Association of Automobile Museums, most recently First Place in 2018.


Part-Time Administrative Staff Position: Two $10,000 grants are needed to fund a part-time position. This will provide administrative support to help the Museum’s management team with essential projects.


Contact the Museum to discuss donation and grant opportunities at (775)333-9300 or donate today by clicking the button below.


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