Annual Giving Campaign

Dear Friends,

In a normal year, we’d be very excited to share the news that we’ve restored our Changing Gallery where we rotate new and fascinating exhibits on topics ranging from Bill Harrah to the Ford Model T to Lowriders. We would also be boasting about the new additions to our collection such as an early Tesla Roadster (the 10th ever made), one of the first SUVs (a Scout 80), a magnificent ’55 T-Bird, a 1963 Studebaker Avanti or our new 1914 Model T Touring that we’ll use in our upcoming “Model T Experience” class where you can start and drive one of our Tin Lizzies.

But it was not a normal year. It was 2020. And it was dominated by a pandemic. We were shut down for 77 days beginning in March. When we re-opened in June with strict COVID safety protocols in place, visitation was down 35%. With the growing regional infection rates and new restrictions, our volumes dropped to just 50% of normal.

We reduced expenses wherever we could. Our professional staff is now just seven key workers, backed by an incredible team of volunteers and a very supportive Board of Trustees. So this year more than ever, we need your help with the Annual Giving Campaign.

Contributions from our community and car lovers worldwide made this Museum possible back in 1989. Since then, we have consistently ranked as one of the Top Three “Things to Do in Reno.” Our Museum is known nationally and internationally as one of the country’s Top Ten automobile collections, with many one-of-a-kind vehicles. Please help us preserve our great local asset and allow us to maintain our high standards by again pledging your support to our Annual Giving Campaign at whatever level you can afford during this critical year.

Thank you for your support!

Fiscal Responsibility

Annual audits reveal excellent fiscal responsibility and the budget is managed with the utmost attention. The Museum is governed by a Board of Trustees and each year 100% of the Trustees contribute to our fundraising efforts. The Museum is self-sustaining and is not owned, affiliated or supported by any other organization or entity. In addition to funds from operations (admission and retail sales, memberships, banquets, etc.), the Museum relies on donations, grants, and sponsorships like other nonprofits. The Museum continues to grow thanks to the generosity of donors, who believe in our mission. Donors contribute important funding to enhance the museum’s operational resources and endowment, and gift automobiles and artifacts.

Use of Resources

A variety of resources support the Museum’s daily operations, annual programs, exhibits, and activities. Infrastructure needs and improvements are continually addressed, many resulting in increased revenue opportunities, productivity, energy savings, etc.

Annual Giving Campaign Donations Are Tax-Deductible

The Museum is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 tax-exempt corporation formed solely for educational purposes. Donations are tax-deductible to the full limits of the tax laws.

We invite you to make a donation today. Thank you!

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