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Ford’s Model T

Ford Model T Exhibit

Ford’s Model T: The most important car ever!

The National Automobile Museum has announced its newest exhibit focused on the Ford Model-T.

The National Automobile Museum has unveiled a new exhibit focused on the Ford Model T which was the first truly affordable car for the masses. Prior to the Model T, most cars cost the equivalent of a house. Henry’s “Tin Lizzie” meant an average family could buy and afford to operate an automobile for the first time.

The Museum’s newest exhibit features a bright red 1909 Touring Car (why isn’t it black?); a 1921 Kampkar, considered the world’s first RV built by the Anheuser-Busch company and a Do-It-Yourself truck (a kit to convert your passenger car).

The first Model T was built on August 12, 1908 (as a 1909 model) and on May 26, 1927, Henry Ford and his son Edsel drove the 15th million Model T out of the factory marking the official last day of production. The Model T ranked as Number One in production until 1972 (when the title went to the Volkswagen Beetle). The car still ranks 8th on the top ten list of most cars sold – nearly 110 years later.

In addition to the changing exhibit, the staff has made a significant number of changes to ensure guests have a safe and secure experience and encourages individuals and families of all ages to please visit and support the Museum in the coming weeks.